Win! win! win!
The goal and mantra of the Trump Family

God help us with the orange-looking mushroom, parodied very well by actor Alec Baldwin on the television variety show Saturday Night Live. The Emmy-winner (for portraying Trump on SNL) would have loved this joke within a joke, smash on how further you can go to damage the president even more. After nine performances last year in Los Angeles and New York, the Trump Family Special returns with more laughter and absurdity that all you can do is cradle your kidneys for fear it will explode from hearty laughter. An orange (of course!) Trump Survival Kit is provided and contains the following: Advil, sleep mask, hand wipes and confetti popper. All to defeat the Man!! Just sayin’!
The family gets ready for their second trip to television heaven. The three adult children, Ivanka (Lisa St. Lou), Eric (Ryan Murray) and Donald Jr. (John Shartzer) are trying to calm down the chaos behind the scenes. I guess youngest daughter Tiffany didn’t get the memo because she’s visibly absent. All of the songs have quick witted references, such as threatening deportation to anyone who doesn’t agree with the president’s actions on handling minorities. Everyone waiting for “el jefe” to come. After 2 hours, it’s obvious he won’t show up. Shocking!! However, his frequent tweets, stage right, and voice reminds the audience that he is around. Actor John Di Domenico does a remarkable job as the Donald.

First Lady Melania (Mary Birdsong was incredible to watch) removes her long green coat with the words “I Still Don’t Care” emblazoned across the back. This golden nugget is a reminder of her trip last year to Base Andrews near Washington, as a response to how Trump felt about fake news. She is blinged out with jewelry from her neck to her fingers adorned with sparkly jewelry in a form fitting leopard print dress. She keeps mispronouncing her son’s name Barron to Benjamin. Birdsong does an excellent job in portraying the Slovenian former model into a sensual woman who knows she’s all that and more. She does a quick wardrobe change and comes out wearing a black dress with slits down the sides and open neck clipped with a brilliantly shining pin. She worked it. The First Lady begrudgingly shares the stage with predecessors, Marla and Ivana (Shartzer and St. Lou, respectively). Marla isn’t looking as polished as Ivana but still maintains her position as former wife and baby mama to The Donald. St. Lou is a sensational singer. She brought out her inner Sasha Fierce hitting them notes so high that the Lord could see it next to him.

As Ivanka, she nails it with the stylish wardrobe and a confident stride from beginning to end. Not surprisingly, St. Lou is credited with Tor Hyams for doing the music and additional lyrics. Danny Salles did the book and lyrics creating amusing songs (“Homage to Donald” and “MAGA/and Then He Tweets”).

Let’s hope that this talented group of entertainers will return and delight those who missed it this time around.

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