Photos by Claudia Garcia

I know I’m crazy!                                                                                                                — Lisa Wharton

Photos by Claudia Garcia

Poor Lisa Wharton. The woman tries her damnedest to save all the furry creatures in the world with bite and attitude, only to find there are more of them to save. Wharton’s problem is that she cares way too much for animals. She hilariously recalled the time she was on the always congested LA freeway one Friday night trying to rescue a dog from being run over by other vehicles. This animal advocate, got out of her car and starts chasing the dog. He went fast, and she went faster. There was a man on the other side trying to save Freeway, the name she christened the scared pup, when she brought him home to meet Wharton’s dog Ladybug, or LB as she is known on the street, and her cat Boo. She didn’t plan on keeping Freeway. She put up notices around the neighborhood and gave social media a try to locate the owners or attract a new owner. That was the plan, however, as Freeway stuck around the weary owner decided to keep him. He really is a cutie! She miraculously manages to care for all three pets in her one-bedroom apartment. Jesus! That’s devotion, ya’ll! I’m just saying.

Wharton’s affection for animals started as a 10-year old girl who owned a lot of stuffed animals. She had a nightly routine where she moved an animal one space over to provide each one the chance to sit elsewhere for the night. Her “treasure grove of stuffed toys” was her salvation. She educates onlookers on the arrival of each toy by retelling their individual story from childhood to the present. Not all of us are blessed with this sacred skill. Her parents divorced and remarried. She inherited a new step-father, Ronald, and a 40-pound Pitbull, Labrador and other mix dog named Luke. He had a face that a mother won’t be able to forget or can’t help but love. It’s so clear that Wharton has a passion for animals and they love her right back. Her show will move the hearts of animal lovers and haters alike. Wharton is one of those people that genuinely has a pure heart for dogs and cats. She almost got killed for saving one on the freeway, for godsakes. That’s showing real love for creatures who are terribly neglected almost dying in the streets when all it would take to save them are medical attention and lots and lots of love and care. They, too, deserve to have a better quality of life. I predict, one day there will be a monument in her honor demonstrating that all humankind needs a furry creature by his/her side. If not, there should be one erected. I’m just saying.

Get to the theater a good 20 to 30 minutes before showtime to hug and pet the cutest puppies and kittens in the world available for adoption on the spot. About 75% of the proceeds go to featured rescues Claudia Garcia’s Rescue ( and Cats at the Studio Rescue ( If these loveable creatures don’t grab your heart, then you probably don’t have one. Hug a pup and retain your humanity.

Strays: We All Feel a Little Lost Sometimes ends tomorrow Sunday, December 3rd at 3 p.m., playing at the Secret Rose Theatre located at 11246 Magnolia Blvd., in North Hollywood. For ticket information, reserve online at 


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