Half-birds, half beautiful maidens, the Sirens were singing enchantresses capable of luring passing sailors to their islands, and, subsequently, to their doom.
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This isn’t me! I don’t recognize myself!
A desperate truth coming out when the lies no longer work

What happens when two out-of-work actors formulate a plan to kidnap a popular actress, while whole-heartedly believing that it would elevate their non-existent to producers and directors? Crazy, right? That’s why Marina and Eric (Annalee Scott and Paul Louis Harrell) believe will happen with this ridiculous idea. Marina and Eric continue on their misguided journey, creep into the actress’ mansion, quickly capture and tie her up. The famous Anna (playwright and director Jola Cora) wearing a pink dress which sparkles brightly, is startlingly surprised at invaders in her home, but not angry. She’s polite and thoughtful, which Eric believes to be weird. And breaking into her house is normal? Anna offer them a glass of Cristal while Eric takes one too many lines of cocaine next to the champagne. Again, Anna is very calm with present company. Marina takes the awkward opportunity to introduce both herself and Eric and comment on how she’s a major fan.
With a blank stare, Anna thanks her. Meanwhile, Eric is trying to remove himself and Marina from the house before the police have them arrested. Marina refers to Anna as Anna Christie, the lead in the titular 1920 Eugene O’Neill’s (1888 – 1953) play, which won the second out of four Pulitzer Prizes for O’Neill in 1922. Thinking like a 1950s hoodlum, Eric whips out his switchblade and threatens Anna with it. Marina steps in like captain save an actress and prevents the woman from getting hurt. During the course of the “kidnapping,” Marina admits in being a struggling actress. She hoped that Anna can provide words of encouragement and advice to continue on her path. Marina says, with no expression that her life is a painful duty. Distraught, Marina falls back heartbroken as Eric continues to work out an escape plan.
Within 30 minutes, Cora executed a well-thought out show with mystery and intrigue. By keeping the cast to a few players, in a shadowy room with a soft light to relieve some of the darkness, the show becomes more intimate and gets the audience involved in the story and play Colombo by asking questions. Did Marina and Eric go to the right house? Is it actually Marina who truly lives there? Does she live alone? Will someone else pop up and do everyone in? Makes you think of the various possibilities. Producers should definitely look this gem up. Wonderful cast with a skilled writer makes a great show.

Siren Call’s last show plays this Friday the 28th at 8:30 p.m., at The Blank Theatre, located at 6500 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles. For information, log on to Running time is 30 minutes. Ticket price is $10.