“I know, that’s “so Hollywood”: crazy actress dresses up
in 19th century clothing to communicate with the dead in front of an audience”

Before Hilary Rodham Clinton ran for president in 2016, there was the late Geraldine Ferraro who ran for Vice President in 1984. A century before either of these ladies ran for office, there was Victoria Woodhull. She ran for president three times, 1872, 1884 and 1892. Of course, she didn’t win, but she got people talking about the possibility of a woman becoming president. That was enough to shock people during her time. Now, it’s the new normal. Canadian actress Ashley Ford does an exemplary job in portraying Woodhull with pride and confidence. Woodhull was definitely a woman way, ahead of her time.
She worked as a stockbroker, journalist and a woman’s rights advocate. She believed in free love, which many others, looked down upon. She was a contemporary of fellow suffragist Susan B. Anthony, though they shared different opinions regards women’s rights. Ford, as Woodhull, conjures up the spirits of family members and people like philanthropist Cornelius Vanderbilt and has conversations. She happily admits in being a clairvoyant, as many women in her family are as well. Woodhull would have been a perfect fit in these times where the #METOO movement exploded and found a way in the American lexicon.
Mad congrats to playwright Theo Salter in writing this much needed salute for a woman who could have been a simple and forgotten footnote in history. Also, major applause to director Karen Linton for executing Salter’s vision perfectly. Ford does a remarkable job in evoking Woodhull’s vitality. Together, this holy trinity of theater is exciting, fresh and ready to be devoured like a delicious full course meal.

The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull ends tonight at 7 p.m. at The Hobgoblin Playhouse, located at 6520 Hollywood Blvd. For ticket information, log on to
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