The Accidental Club (A Highly Addicting Musical)

Photos courtesy of Chip Frye
Sherrie Scott in “The Accidental Club”

Rock demi-goddess Mira Dawson is in for the experience of her young life. She’s about to kick off her revival tour. She cheekily that thought she’s not “the addict type,” she has flirted with drugs. That deadly seduction lands her in the hospital, where is she fighting for her life. At 27, she is ripe for the picking to enter the Accidental Club, which consists of singers who passed away. As she ponders her current dilemma, she gets a little help from Billie “Lady Day” Holiday, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. Actress/playwright Sherrie Scott plays all four characters.

As Billie, she’s a Lucky Strike cigarette chain-smoking blues queen with a husky voice and important advice for Miss Mira. She informs the newly departed that she is the recipient of the Angel of the Month Award. It’s a special prize given to a few. It has one huge benefit. The lucky winner can visit Earth and live however, they please for one night. This would be Mira’s last chance to perform live to a sold-out concert at the hottest venue. Lady Day doesn’t think it’s a good idea and tries to convince Mira out of it. She says that returning to your former glory will do more harm than good. Let it be, she advises.

Now, Mira doesn’t know what to do. As she contemplates her next move, Janis Joplin pops up in her treasured feather boa and her signature look of granny shaped, reflective sunglasses and that distinct high pitch laugh. She tells Mira to do the opposite. For few minutes, Mira considers the thought of performing live and hearing the roaring applause of hard-core Mira Dawson fans wanting more. Janis pushes her towards that goal. Just as it looks, she made up her mind, enters British singer Amy Winehouse.

Winehouse swags in with her cockney accent and welcomes Mira. Within less than 10 minutes in arrival, Mira spoke with Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, heard the footsteps of actress/singer Judy Garland scuffling in the background. The latest addition to the newly formed macabre family is in awe of such grand heroes right in front of her. And she’s temporarily including. Still there’s that underlying bug that taunts her into choosing to have one last performance. Only dead 10 minutes and Mira has issues. Death was supposed to relieve these problems but you cannot expect them not even if you overdose. Scott does a wonderful job in invoking the spirits of three wonderful singers who left an enduring impression to the world wither their voice and music. She did a beyond fantastic job in bringing these ladies together for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For a little testosterone mixed in, she summons and receives the badass of all singers and musicians, the innovator that nobody can replicate, Prince. The man came around Mira and gave her some kumbaja hug love to ease her fast-pacing mind. It worked. Scott was able to dig beneath the surface and get inside the minds of the female trio. It would be easy to dismiss them because they “accidental overdose” and that would be the end of the story. Scott brings out their vulnerability. She provides the audience an in-depth look into the souls the Holiday, Joplin and Winehouse. They weren’t just junkies. They were creative types who tried to overcome their demons, but just couldn’t find a permanent outlet to allow them freedom from the poison their ingested. Their songs tell stories of sorrow, pain and sometimes joy. Scott pulled off an excellent feat. She rocked it!!!

The Accidental Club plays only on Friday nights at 8 p.m. until July 28th, at the Whitefire Theatre, located at 13500 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks. For reservations call 800-838-3006 or long go to