5-minute interview with…………………………………………………………………Cade Slattery

Performer and percussionist Cade Slattery is a Boston native who made his home in Poway, California located in San Diego County. After graduating from high school, he joined Jr. Crew, a drum group spearhead by Chris Rubio, also from STOMP. When Slattery isn’t performing with his squad, he teaches drum techniques at Rubio’s Performing Arts in San Diego, to anyone who has a true desire to learn and master. When he remembers to take a breath, he records electronic music. His creativity can be heard on www.soundcloud.com/cade-slattery. His alter ego in the show is Mozzie. His comic relief role playfully teases the other cast members.

What was the audition process like to be a STOMP performer?
You go through three rounds of auditioning that take you through different props and concepts that are in the show to see how you can pick up choreography with odd objects and also gel with the other auditioners.

How long have you been with the company?
I have been with the company for about 2 1/2 years.

What were you doing before becoming a member?
Before I was in the show I was involved in a percussion group back home in San Diego. I was also teaching drum set classes and helping with a non-profit special needs organization called Arms Wide Open at the Performing Arts studio I grew up at.

How long are rehearsals and how do you figure out what works and what should be left alone?
We rehearse for about an hour before every show. And anytime the creators of the show are in town they might make small changes to the show that they see fit.

What are your plans after the tour ends?
I plan on continuing performing in the show in the New York cast.