Both the title and the host pretty much sum up this show. Nothing is forbidden. Desires are met until it’s filled over the limit.

Krampus (played wonderfully by JD Zelman) is the not so friendly host, who guarantees a wild night of wicked passion and conflicted desire. The cast, accompanied by a great band: pianist Mina Bloom, percussionist Kyle Dombroski, bassist Rory Snively, and trombone player Rose Doylemason, created sketches that were out of mind hilarious and daring.

There’s 18th century writer Charles Dickens, known for the for the favorite seasonal story A Christmas Carol. The English writer is scared witless walking in the seventh circle of Hell, which, Krampus alluded to earlier, where his punishment is to wander throughout the ages experiencing new horror. In the meantime, he sings the Christmas song O Holy Night the way former pop princess Britney Spears sang her first hit in 1999, …..Baby One More Time.

While reading Fifty Shades of Grey, he has trouble reading the sordid parts and makes it up as he walks along. He stops at the arrival of two devil dancers, Sanna Rafalovich and Maggie Darago rocking out to Grammy-award winning artist Beyoncé’s 2003 hit song Crazy in Love. Dickens is forced to dance along the beautiful dancers whenever he misses a passage in the book. He messes up a lot, big surprise, huh?

Let’s talk about the Grinch. Not the character Jim Carrey played in 2003 but the version performer Zozo Yale provided. Accompanied by the Grinch’s signature song, You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. She slowly peels off her warm wearing clothes, and reveals a Santa Claus outfit underneath, before giving off a Cheshire cat smile and spreading green glitter toward the audience. Grinch never looked so good!

You are all fucked!
Krampus, the host

The Son of Sam, né David Berkowitz is infamous, but, who in the hell is Harvey? Harvey was the dog that belonged to Berkowitz’ neighbor Sam, who told the deranged murderer to kill. Former devil dancer turned canine Darago returns as Harvey the Dog.

The absolute best of these assassins was La Madriña (the Godmother), the Black Widow, Colombian drug empress Griselda Blanco. In the 80s, she was the baddest bitch in Miami, long before rapper Trina took that title. Joshua Rivas does an excellent job in bringing the queen pin back to life. Rivas mouths the lyrics to Jennifer López 2003 single Jenny from the Block. That was great!

The closing is another great surprise which consists of a sock puppet, Clarence the Angel (from the 1946 movie It’s a Wonderful Life) and a song geared towards the mighty penis. Shinebone Theatre Company, the company who produced this great show, comes out the gate hitting hard and fast. Macabaret ends this Thursday the 18th but another great show will take its place the third Thursday on February 15th. Check back for show information.

Macabaret is not for the weak or the innocent. Think of it as a humorous study of forgotten humans who dare to lead their own lives no matter which road they take. That makes it exciting and that is what makes this show pop. It gives people permission, at least for the night, to let go of your inhibition and fears and join in the naughty side of life not always exposed in the light.

Macabaret: The Variety Show from Hell ends this Thursday the 18th, doors open at 8 p.m. and show starts 8:30 p.m. Next show will be Thursday, February 15th Friday, at The Three Clubs, located at 1124 Vine Street., in Los Angeles. Tickets can be purchased at www.macabaret.brownpapertickets. For more information, log on to