I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.
The criminologist/narrator from The Rocky Horror Picture Show film

It didn’t have to be Halloween for the freaks to come out at night. There was no need to hang jack-o-lanterns or ghosts decorating the REDLINE DTLA bar to provide an eerie and spooky effect. In honor of Halloween, the bar shed its innocent daily appearance and turned it into a place where, can act a crazy fool and enjoy themselves. The dark venue was brightly lit and alive with action. As part of their ongoing event, the inventive company 321 on Fire! kicked off their newly implemented monthly show that promises and delivers raunchy laughs, unexpected moments and lots of fun.

The main theme for the evening was horror-comedy movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show (20th Century Fox, 1975). The film starred Oscar winner Susan Sarandon, Tony-Award Barry Bostwick and 2-time Tony Award nominee Tim Curry. 321OF! artistic director Kenne James added some tantalizing and sexy burlesque acts with outrageous comedy that stays in your mind. Even the neon pink sign above the bathroom entrance reads: TRUST ME, LOVE ME, FUCK ME. Who can resist that? Before the show started, performer Allison Cirner was busy rehearsing her routine in a banana costume. Very cute Allison! As I admired the top shelf filled with various bottles of the best alcohol, I shared a seat with a friend when Josh Landsurg, one of the members, sat with us and enjoyed the show. James quickly made a speech that the event is also a fund raiser and warmly suggested that a donation would be greatly appreciated.

The female dancers, Beautiful Becca, Dark Chocolate Massacre, Kristina Lauren, Mysterious J, Triple V Annie, Vixen Warrior K, and the two male dancers, gorgeous Hunky Harout and and undeniably erotic Prince William, supplied the kick of testosterone to the female persuasion. Everyone gets down and dirty in a sleek and sexy style. Nothing too risqué but definitely revealing and sinful. Dancer Miss Juicy Lew strutted her stuff with ease and provocation. She swayed her petite body in a tattered black and white mesh skirt, silk grey blouse with a black camisole and white trim and a sparkly tiara. Prince William was no shy wallflower. This nice glass of cool rich, dark liqueur towered about 6 feet, kept swinging his long-braided hair to the side while wearing a black coat, matching pants, a skimpy unitard with holes, probably to cool off the heat he was emitting, bare ass, while slithering on the small runaway showing all his magnificent glory with a pink G-string peeking from underneath, while singing “Sweet Transvestite”. It was a vision to behold. The comedy portion was hysterical moment after moment after moment.

Audience participation is key to a successful show. The crowd was more than happy to participate in “Prequel or Sequel” with the company members Carter James, Allison Cirner, Erika Gonzalez, and Mario Martin. A 3-minute scene is done, and the audience decides if they want to see the prior scene or continue with the same scene. Another game where two teams of two people take on identities over a classic battle and must try to convince the other team why they are correct. Then, they “tag” their partner into the scene at any time. The one that pleased the audience more was “Let’s Make a Date,” a riff on dating shows. A contender chooses his or her date based on a series of questions s/he asks. The twist was the bachelor or bachelorette must display a quirk, such as having Tourette’s syndrome. It sure makes for an interesting date or a horrifying one. Comedian Willis Turner was an absolute crack up in all three games. He was vivacious and down-right uproariously funny. He’s a reminder of actor/comedian Chris Rock in his early years. Hungry, affable and hurt-so-bad-because-you-I’m-telling-the-truth-funny. Actor/comedian Mario Martin and assistant artistic director Caleb McLemore were at the helm in hosting.

Don’t feel bad in missing this wonderful gem of a show, although it was damn good! Log on to www.facebook.com/321onfirela/ for upcoming dates. And remember, all this is possible with donations, no matter how big or small, but let’s face it bigger is better. For great shows like this to continue, they survive on donations. Show your appreciation for a few dollars or a few more dollars. Just sayin’!