6 minute interview with ………………..Stan Zimmerman

Photo by Matthew Quinn

1. What and who inspired you to write this show?
The play was inspired when my sister and I couldn’t get my Mom to move out of her condo in Santa Barbara, where she was living alone while experiencing signs of dementia. She said she wished Virginia, our longtime family housekeeper, was still alive. Then they could live together and take care of each other. A lightbulb went off!

2. Why does Virginia know more about Denise than Denise knows about Virginia?
I think that’s the nature of their relationship. I know that is the way with bosses and their assistants or employees.I thought that was an interesting dynamic, having someone in your home, helping you raise your kids. And yet you don’t know that much about their lives because you’re not in their home. Also, Denise was going through a bad divorce and doing everything she could keep herself (and sanity) together.

3. How close were these ladies in real life?
My mom loved Virginia. And trusted her with her life (and kids). I remember my mom invited Virginia to my Bar Mitzvah. Virginia wanted to help set up the reception after with my mom. But my mom very clearly told her she was there as a guest (a member of our family) and was not invited to work.

4. What makes these women remain close as friends?
I’m assuming you mean Denise and Virginia. They aren’t really very close as friends at the beginning of the play. And the circumstances (especially their relationships with their daughters) brings them closer. Also aging, failing health and the desire to live out their remaining years with dignity.

5. Are Virginia and Denise the new “Odd Couple”?
I LOVE the idea of them as the new “Odd Couple.” This is the first time seeing the play up on it’s feet. We had numerous readings, but now we’re getting a lot of comments that this would make a great TV series.

6. What projects do you have coming up?
I’m directing two plays for Hollywood Fringe this year. One is “Pledge” a very dark comedy (World Premier) about hazing and frat life, written by “Synthesis” playwright, Paul Shoulberg. That will be at McCadden Place Theatre. The other is “Piñata” about 3 “bad moms” who get a time out at a kids’ birthday party. It’s by Scott Mullen and will be at Lounge 2.