5 minute interview with ……………………..Mindy Sterling

1. What makes the characters friendship so strong?
Aging. They relied on each other for years and now sharing their stories of where they are in their lives they realize the need one another.

2. Why is it that Virginia knows so much about Denise but Denise seems oblivious about Virginia? Virginia worked for her. Denise relied on her to help with everything once she got her divorce.

3. What attracted you to your respective roles?
The richness of the characters. The second part of their lives as they get older. Denise did it all after she divorced. I went thru the same thing as Mindy. I am a single mother. I have found my power and love it.

4. If you could rewrite your character’s ending, how would it look like?
I wouldn’t. I love that they want to be each other because they have so much in common. And they respect one another. They have to depend on one another and I love strong women who had flaws and vulnerability.

5. Were there any life lessons you took from the play? life is precious. Live it to the fullest. Don’t take anything for granted