5 minute interview with ………………………Ellia English

1. What makes the character’s friendship so strong?
In my opinion, I believe it’s the relationship that makes the character’s friendship strong. They’ve known each other for 37 years.

2. Why is it that Virginia knows so much about Denise but Denise seems oblivious about Virginia?
As Virginia said to Denise, “I managed your lingerie drawer for 37 years, you can’t pull one over on me!” Virginia was not just Denise’ housekeeper, she also helped Denise to raise her children after the divorce. Virginia, as Denise said, was the one holding down the fort, while Denise went back to school to earn her accounting degree.

3. What attracted you to this role?
I loved the friendship between the two characters. And, I loved the emotional levels of the character Virginia.

4. If you could rewrite your character’s ending, how would it look like?
I love the way this play ends. However, I am curious as to what challenges and adventures Virginia and Denise might encounter, as they strive to embark upon a life as roommates.

5. Were there any life lessons you took from the play?
What I take from this play, is a CONFIRMATION of how important it is for us to work to understand the challenges our aging parents are going through. And for us to be patient and to not be too judgmental or too quick to make decisions for them and/or treat them like their imbeciles. Honoring our parents, is the one commandment with a promise!