5-minute interview with…..Angelo Michael Masino

  • What was your inspiration?
    My anger at organized religion. How they kill each other under the name of God. I think this  passage from the play says it all.
                                                        JESUS CHRIST
    I know Mary, you were at my feet at Golgotha; you were there for my resurrection; but you know how I suffer. How many evil people still pray to me. Use my name to commit crimes; despicable crimes.
                                                         MARY M
    I know Jesus, but what are you going to do? Give up!
                                                        JESUS CHRIST
    No! I’m going to shut up every minister, preacher and priest I can find! No more religion! Let’s do it right this time. Why do you have to believe in something or someone to be compassionate to your fellow man? Religions are the most corrupt, hideous institutions I know of.
    What was the idea behind having Jesus and Damian be at odds with their respective fathers?
    I think Jesus is more frustrated that His Father deserted him when in fact at that point in the play it is Jesus who has deserted His Father. Damien on the other hand is just tried of carrying
    out his Father’s orders.
    How would the second Christ succeed where the first Christ didn’t?
    I’m not sure the second Christ will succeed.
                                                          JESUS CHRIST
    I have been punished long before alcoholism, Damien; anyone who tries to do good in this world
    will be crucified.
    What is important is that good men like Jesus Christ keep trying or…
                                                           MARY M
    The world will be cast into darkness and evil will rule.
    The two Mary’s were completel ydifferent. Mary M was compliant whereas the other Mary was feisty. Was this done to show both sides of the same woman?
    Mary M. is actually Mary Magdalene the girlfriend of Jesus Christ. The feisty Mary is actually the Mother of the new Jesus Christ so yes they are two different women.
    Why was Joseph carrying guns?
    To protect Mary. The play takes place in an apocalyptic setting full of renegades and thieves.