You only have one nut.
     Everyone says about Mick losing a testicle

After ten years, 7 Redneck Cheerleaders makes its uproarious comeback and returns at a great time. A playwright in search of actors. A producer in search of actors. Actors in search of a break. All three elements come together and form a hysterical, nerve wrecking production that causes individual migraines. Everybody wants to be in show business but, they forget it’s the business part that keeps the show continue. Writer Ben (Louis Douglas Jacobs) had a dream. Actually, his late aunt Lottie had a dream. She had a dream that her precious nephew Ben is meant to write a successful play that will showcase his great writing and creative writing skills. Ben always loved his eccentric aunt and was on a mission to make that dream a reality. He connects with a big-time, egomaniac producer Brad (James Pipi). This is the beginning of a messy, conflicted relationship where one ends up going insane.

First, it’s the audition. Ben and Brad meet an eclectic group of actors. There’s the baby of the group Patrick (John Salandria) who’s up for the role of Young. Young’s daddy Mick (Pipi) is against his son wanting to make the cheerleading squad. His supporting mother Victoria (wonderfully played with sturdy feistiness Etienne Eckert) tries her best to keep this secret from her alpha- male husband Mick. This is difficult since Young has squad members Clover (Whitney Fortmueller) and Barb (Kate Huffman) over for rehearsal. In between the hidden practices, a lot of hilarity ensues when everyone jumps back into their true character. Brad (Mick) can’t keep his trap shut about hooking up with with Victoria (Liz). Patrick (Young) is an upcoming star in the Hollywood scene. His main focus is to get on top and stay there for a long time. Victoria (Liz) is the grand Madame of theater. She’s classically trained and expects the same level of professionalism from the others. Good luck with that one, sistagirl! Pfeiffer (Barb) provides comic relief by coming on very strong to Ben. This maybe her way of expanding her character a little more. Ben doesn’t know what to do except to flee quickly when Pfeiffer comes charging like a bull in an arena.  Howard (Darryl Armbruster) is the other shot of testerone in the squad who just wants to get through one all the way through rehearsal.

The joy of the show goes to actress LeShay Tomlinson who plays Rose the actress and Shelia her character. With her quick-fire one-liners, confident swagger and looking like a black Dolly Parton with her curly blonde ‘do, Sheila/Rose is the perfect stand-in for writer Ben’s Aunt Lottie. Always kind enough to offer some reefer and perceptive advice, Rose is Ben’s lifesaver. He takes her advice and is determined to make his play a hit. Something both he and Lottie can be proud of and smile. But, of course, major problems ensue and Ben’s gonna need both Lottie and Rose to throw some good luck down his way.

This show is perfect for anyone who wants to get away for a few hours and laugh endlessly until you bust a rib or some other body part. The writing is incredible and the cast is amazing. Everyone is on point. They got their act together and it runs like a well composed symphony, hitting all the notes in perfect pitch. Hysterical and entertaining from beginning to end.

7 Redneck Cheerleaders plays Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and Sundays at 7 p.m. until Sunday, March 8th, at The Lillian Theatre, located at 1036 N. Lillian Way, in Hollywood. For ticket information, call (323) 960-4429 or reserve online at www.plays411.net/redneck.